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Jobsearch, Jobs in Dubai
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Jobsearch, Jobs in Dubai
Jobsearch, Jobs in Dubai
  Welcome to Fish Consulting

Fish People Consulting is a specialized search (we prefer to use the term fishing, which we believe is more appropriate description of the business that we are in) organization which focuses on the non-active job-seekers for filling the important and strategic roles for our clients. This stems from our belief that the successful professionals are more likely to be focused on challenges within their current assignments. We also believe that success is a matter of habit for some professionals, and these fishes very often are also a difficult and elusive breed to hook.

We are Headquartered in UAE with offices and alliances in India, Canada and Africa with the focus of finding the right meeting ground for a candidates' aspirations and the needs of the employers.  We have a broad-based service offering and have the capability to address requirements across verticals, functions, and levels.

Critical Success Factors
While specific domain expertise and experience are required for any assignment, we have found that the chemistry match or mismatch with the immediate supervisor and the mesh into the culture of the organization are more likely to be reasons of failures in most cases. We engage deeply with our clients to understand the soft-skills required, and the culture that permeates an organization to find better-fit and long term assets for our client organization.

Where do we fish from:
The successful professionals are not likely to be present in Portals, job-boards etc, nor will they respond to advertisements. Fish People Consulting doesn't release any advertisements in mass media, we use the combination of new technology and old-fashioned networking to find the professionals. We use the new-media like linked in, twitter, face book quite aggressively, to identify the professional and potentially find the first link. We have also found through our experiences that these professionals are more likely to respond favorably to a casual and social overture than a sledgehammer cold call.

  A representative list of our clients
Jobsearch, Jobs in Dubai Jobsearch, Jobs in Dubai
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